Homebrew: Revert to a previous version of a formula

Posted by ZedTuX 0n R00t on January 13, 2014

After having upgraded my installed ImageMagick with homebrew, I was in trouble to install the gem rmagick…

The only way to not lost too much time was to revert to the previous version.

I wasn’t able to use the switch command as I had cleaned installed formula, so here is the solution (Thanks to tschundeee from StackOverflow):

Simple Workflow

Step 1

Navigate to your homebrew base directory (usually this is /usr/local) Example:

cd /usr/local

Step 2

Enter brew versions FORMULANAME (FORMULANAME is the formula you want to install).

You will then get something like:

1.0.1 git checkout 1234567 Library/Formula/FORMULANAME.rb
1.0.0 git checkout 0123456 Library/Formula/FORMULANAME.rb ...

Step 3

Choose the desired version and check it out via copy and paste of the desired version line (leave out the version number in the beginning).

Example for getting 1.0.0:

git checkout 0123456 Library/Formula/FORMULANAME.rb

Step 4

Install the formula:

brew install FORMULANAME

Then you’re done!