Douane: Status and roadmap

Posted by ZedTuX 0n R00t on January 13, 2014

After many months without any news (my latest article was written in February) about my project Douane (an interactive firewall for Linux), I’m posting this small article just to inform you about my progress.


The most important progress I did is the stabilisation of the Linux Kernel Module. Before it was not possible to use it out of a Virtual Box due to random freezes.

I have finally found and fixed the problem so that now I’m using it directly without Virtual Machine.


The roadmap is now defined as the following:

  1. Implement a D-Bus server with at least a signal to receive network activities
  2. Create a new python project (as it looks like Python is the official language for Ubuntu :-P) in order to show the activities and to register rules
  3. Implement the dialog box to ask to the user when a new application try to connect to the outside.

When those points will be implemented, I will release a first public version, and start to promote Douane.

I’m also thinking a lot about making a bit of money with that project. Having Douane in the Ubuntu Software center (wikipedia link) would be very great!

Of course, the price will be very low, it’s just to have a first experience with making money with developed application. In addition to this I still want to have the maximum of Douane open source.