Cookbook `apt' not found at expected cache location (ChefDK::CachedCookbookNotFound)

Posted by ZedTuX 0n R00t on August 12, 2019

You run your usual chef update <path> and got that strange ChefDK::CachedCookbookNotFound error? Here is the solution!

So you run your chef update command, but got the following output:

$ chef update policies/k8smaster.rb
Error: Failed to update Policyfile lock
Reason: (ChefDK::CachedCookbookNotFound) Cookbook `apt' not found at expected cache location `' (full path: `/Users/zedtux/.chefdk/cache/cookbooks/')

While it’s not really clear what happened, and how I endend up in this situation, but at least I can fix it quite easily (until what is in the lock file is not that important) by removing the lock file (or renaming it) and then run chef install <path> instead.

Then a diff of both files could help to understand what happened, but at least you’re good to go again!