Try GNOME Software 3.12

Posted by ZedTuX 0n R00t on March 30, 2014

As I want to distribute my current project Douane, I’m looking for possible Linux app stores.

Ubuntu has the well known Ubuntu Software Center but the GNOME team is working on a GNOME app store which is named Software. (By the way, I like the simplicity of the application names: Music, Documents, Maps, …)

I was wondering about the current status of this project, espacially after having looked at the project offical page and found this article.


In order to compile Software, you need to download a tar ball from

I have done the compilation of the 3.12 version as it is the last version as of today.


Of course you need some dependencies. I’m providing you an apt-get command line with all the required packages that was missing on my machine:

sudo apt-get install gnome-common libpackagekit-glib2-dev libsoup2.4-dev gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev libgnome-desktop-3-dev docbook-xsl

Compilation & installation

Last step is the compilation and installation. In the extracted archive folder:

sudo make install

Now you only need to open the Activities area and type ‘Software’ in the search and you should see the Software icon.