Douane: Current status of my Interactive Firewall for Linux

Posted by ZedTuX 0n R00t on January 13, 2014

Like I said in my previous article that I’m back on the development of my Linux Interactive Firewall project, and I did a lot of progresses.

Let me share this with you :-)

Current state

My stable Linux Kernel Module (LKM), written in C, is now passing network activities to the working daemon (named douaned and written in C++) who has a D-Bus server name org.zedroot.Douane publishing signals NewIncomingActivity and NewOutgoingActivity where I can connect using a Python project to receive all network activities.

Something to show us?

Still not as it is only terminal outputs, but the next big step is the GUI! That means my next article should have first screenshots!

Also I would like to announce that I already registered Douane into the Ubuntu Software Center as a non-free application of a price of $7.

As soon as the first release will be done, I will submit my application to the review process.